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What are Troy MICR Printers?

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A MICR Printer is a unit which has been modified to print E-13B or CMC-7 characters as a means of producing a negotiable document, in most instances checks. MICR printers typically produce the entire check file at once, logo, customer data, MICR line and signature if desired.
When producing a check built-in features such as MICR Toner Sensing can detect the presence of MICR Toner in the unit and will prohibit the printing of checks without MICR toner. Other security features such as disable jam recovery can help to prevent fraudulent creation of checks by the authorized operators who may choose to create a jam in the MICR printer in attempt to produce a duplicate check.

TROY MICR Printing delivers the ultimate level of security for localized, distributed and production workgroup applications. TROY's security printing solutions offer breakthrough innovations in fraud-deterrent security, unsurpassed quality and operational controls, as well as flexible integration, technical expertise, service and support. Each Secure printer utilizes an HP LaserJet base unit.
TROY MICR Security Printers
 A compact laserjet printer, TROY MICR 1606dn produces 26 ppm with a monthly duty cycle of 8,000 pages. A reliable MICR solution for low volume applications where security is not a priority and mobility is a requirement.
TROY MICR 401 Printer
The TROY MICR 401 Printer offers printer resident MICR and Security Fonts in a factory-configured package. At 35 ppm with a monthly duty cycle of 50,000 pages, this is a valuable solution for small business with low volume check printing needs.
TROY MICR 3015 Printer Series
With increased security and versatile supply options, this is an ideal MICR printer for Accounts Payable, Payroll and Exception check printing. The TROY MICR 3015 Printer replaces the TROY MICR 3005 series providing greater memory and a 42 pages per minute print speed. Models: 3015 MICR Printer l 3015 MICR Secure Printer l 3015 MICR Secure Ex Printer

TROY MICR 601 Printer Series
 At 45 pages per minute, the TROY MICR 601 Printers are the basic MICR printers in our TROY 602 and 603 Printer Series. The low cost of ownership combined with the optional security features allows this printer to be perfect complement to our more secure 602 and 603 Printer Series.
TROY MICR 602 Printer Series
 At 52 pages per minute, the 602 MICR Printer series low cost of ownership, increased speed and higher input capacity brings a new class of printing to all aspects of a secure check printing workflow. The MICR Printer is available in both a Secure and Secure Ex model which provides additional safeguards to help protect against the increased security risk of fraud and misuse. Models: 602 MICR Secure Printer l 602 MICR Secure Ex Printer

TROY MICR 603 Printer Series
The TROY MICR 603 Printer series, with print speeds of 62 ppm, this printers provides a speed that surpasses competitive units. Both the Secure and Secure Ex units provide password protection and data file encryption/decryption. The Secure Ex Printer comes complete with a 3-position printer key lock, which allows authorized personnel to lock availability to print MICR resources or the MICR printer. Models: 603 MICR Secure Printer l 603 MICR Secure Ex Printer
9050 Printer TROY MICR 9050 Printer Series
With its robust printing capabilities, 50 ppm and a duty cycle of 300,000 pages per month, TROY's 9050 MICR printer series is integral to secure document production in high-end and distributed printing environments. The 9050 has a vast array of accessories providing the ability to meet high production demands while seamlessly integrating with other applications. Models: 9050 MICR Printer l 9050 MICR Secure Printer l 9050 MICR Secure Ex Printer
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