Rock n’ Roll!

Nothing in common?... usually that's the case . . . except at Source Systems!

A little background for those who don't know... Our president, the founder of The Source, has not always been in the computer business. After graduating from college with a B.A., he took a different route. He became a full-time musician and leader of a rock n' roll band from Cleveland called Easy Street. They played the club circuit, recorded a self-titled album, and toured the U.S. opening for such acts as Tom Petty, Southside Johnny, Rick Derringer, Greg Allman, and ..38 Special. For more info (and to hear some songs!) check out:

We take your computing problems and needs very seriously and if you've already done business with the Source, you know about our dedication to service. But when you call and we're back in the warehouse, you'll know what that sound in the background is . . . . rock n' roll!

See my band play every fall at Tangier in Akron!  We are scheduled to play again on Nov 3 & 4, 2017. Tickets will be on sale later this year at You can see videos from our recent shows on the page of our website: Videos

Our business “friends” and fellow musicians . . .
- Westside Steve (our lead singer’s website)
- LaFlavour (John Casey designed the ESB logo and is the guitarist in this legendary, Akron band)
- Sammy Merendino (former ESB drummer from the 80’s and now session drummer in NYC & a Tony Award Winner!))