PC’s & Laptops

refurbishedpc2In addition to our printer and laptop/computer repair workshops, Source Systems has a beautiful showroom where you can view all our new & refurbished computers in addition to the NEW printers we stock. We have so many refurbished printers that you'll have to view those in our 5,000 square warehouse! Don't forget to bring in any and all old gear you might have to see if it has any trade value. All of our computers are value-priced from $199 and up!

We have gear that will fit ANY budget. Whether you’re looking for used desktop computers, factory-refurbished laptops or brand new models - you’ll be able to find the model that’s right for you. Everything is priced to beat local superstore pricing. And remember, we offer something those big stores can’t: WE ACCEPT TRADE-INS!

What we do to the gear before we sell it to you..

refurbishedpc1The pc repair center at Source Systems tests and replaces any & all failed components with new or refurbished components. We thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of all our products. After loading your new operation system we make sure we install all the upgrades. Then our repair team adds free anti-virus protection and installs Open Office on each unit.

Lastly, the repair team re-tests everything - AGAIN. After that - the gear is ready to roll . . . and rock!