HP 9000 & 3000 Series Servers & Peripherals

Source Systems can provide:

· e3000 Business Servers
· 9000 Series Unix Servers
· Unix & NT Workstations
· Routers, Hubs & Switches
· Net Servers
· Printers & Plotters
· DDS & DLT Tape
· Disk Drives & Optical Storage
· Processors, memory upgrades, I/O cards and all accessories

Don't sweat the small stuff! We can provide you with everything from mice to terminals to monitors to racks & cabinets. Our worldwide contacts make it possible to find you practically anything HP makes.

Call us for those hard-to-find items!

If it says HP on it - we'll deliver it!

Always in stock at the Source:

Best-selling terminals C1064A (700/96)
C1400A & C3340A keyboards (new and used)
Line printers (2563A, 2562C, 2564C)
Dot Matrix printers (2934A & 2235A)
Rare terminals like . . . C1004A (700/22), C1017A (700/32), C1006A (700/43), C1007A (700/44) and C1080A (700/60).
We have full systems, drives, memory, peripherals and accessories - tested and ready to ship!

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