Federal, State and Vendor Information

Company Designations

HP Authorized Service Provider
HP Business Development Partner
Okidata & Brother Authorized Sales & Service
Dell Authorized Sales Center
Fed ID # 34-181-3897
GSA # GS-35F-0171W
CCR (Central Contractor Registration) - Certified
CAGE # 5HJ08
Ohio (MMA) Master Maintenance Agreement # 7372
Ohio Resale # 77-181186
D & B # 95-609-3199
SIC # 5045
NAICS # 423430

The Source has a GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contract with the US Government. Our GSA# is GS-35F-0171W. The Source also has a Master Maintenance Agreement (#7426) with the State of Ohio and does business with dozens of municipalities as well.

New Item List



CAT6, RISER, SOLID…..$106 per box 1000’

SSCBL-CAT6-CMR-1000-GY (Gray)
SSCBL-CAT6-CMR-1000-BK (Black)
SSCBL-CAT6-CMR-1000-BL (Blue)
SSCBL-CAT6-CMR-1000-Y (Yellow)
SSCBL-CAT6-CMR-1000-GR (Green)
SSCBL-CAT6-CMR-1000-R (Red)

CAT6, STRANDED…..$151 per box 1000’

SSCBL-CAT6-STR-1000-GY (Gray)
SSCBL-CAT6-STR-1000-BK (Black)
SSCBL-CAT6-STR-1000-BL (Blue)
SSCBL-CAT6-STR-1000-Y (Yellow)
SSCBL-CAT6-STR-1000-GR (Green)
SSCBL-CAT6-STR-1000-R (Red)

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